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Advanced Deep Drawing Press

KIERMAR Advanced Deep Drawing Press (ADP)is deep drawing as you have never experienced it before.

With a fast press cycle time performance, substantial energy savings and a completely re-invented press design, the Kiermar ADP delivers a great payback on your investment.

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Advanced High Tonnage Press

The KIERMAR Advanced High Tonnage Press (AHP) is a powerful, versatile and high-yielding press – with a number of patented, unique technologies built right into it.

These new technologies provide significant productivity boosts, advanced automation, great flexibility, enhanced blank control, reduced energy consumption and rapid die changing..

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An all-new, compact solution!

The new Advanced Deep Drawing Press from Kiermar Technology is not only fast, it is also very compact – in fact, only 4 meters high. And there is no need for the traditional sub-floor pit, as the Kiermar ADP is placed directly on the floor.